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Written by Carolyn Manning   
Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Getting to Know You

It’s not only what you know. It’s who you know.

Networking. We encourage students to do it. We tout it to alumni. Now it’s our turn to walk the walk. Countless participants have told us that making connections is the single most valuable benefit of the Ivy Plus conference. We agree. After all, what could be more useful than fresh perspectives and intelligent solutions from trusted colleagues who face your same day-to-day challenges? With that in mind, we’ve designed a conference that makes building a professional network quick and painless. Not to mention fun.


Creativity and Innovation

Think outside your cube.

With the daily demands of alumni relations, long-term planning and big-picture thinking easily get relegated to the back burner. At the Ivy Plus conference, we invite you to leave your to-do list at home and open your mind to innovative ways of delivering programs and services to alumni.  Join us to play with ideas, learn something new, and experiment with fresh ways of viewing old challenges. What ifs are no longer a daydream, they’re part of the agenda. 



It takes an alumni village.

As our society becomes increasingly virtual, our alums will naturally begin to seek new ways of building community. Whether they’re moving to a new town, applying for a job across the country, or simply looking for a stimulating conversation with like-minded individuals, an alma mater is an invaluable untapped resource. Our mission is to help individuals build an alumni community that remains a constant source of support and enjoyment throughout their lives.



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