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Faculty Involvement (cross-functional breakout session) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Elizabeth Jones   
Thursday, 28 June 2007
The main focus of this session was to share "best practices" on recruiting new faculty, encouraging faculty involvment in your program and to what extent they should get involved. 
Session started out with discussion on how to "get the ball rolling" on faculty involved programs.  
Key take-aways:
1. Attend that annual Minary Conference.  This is a great conference for alumni group's nationwide, not just Ivy Plus, to discuss their programming and alumni outreach.  
2. Start small, develop key relationships with faculty and build on positive interactions.  Then tap their resources for recommended faculty and involvement.
3. Reach out to department chairs for possible insight on faculty and program content that supports the university's mission or initiative.
Next topic went to tracking of faculty interest, expertise and involvement:
Key take-aways:
1. An internal tracking system or database is incredibly useful and recommended, but the key is to make sure your data is accurate and current.  "You are only as good as the info. that is inputed into your system." 
2. Filemaker and Access are both platforms that have proven successful amongst the group.  Excel is another format, but not as hearty as the others.  
3. Need to have an open book policy on the data, not get into proprietary issues with STAR faculty being coveted by certain departments.  You want to share your resources, so others will share with you.
4.  A centralized database is also key, in that it helps avoid overlap in contacting faculty for events/dates.  
5. Database should include CVs, awards, research interests, invitations, involvement, etc. as much as you need to accurately assess the faculty as a strong fit for your event.
We then discussed how to FIND faculty:
Key take-aways:
1. Word of mouth, through departmental chairs and colleagues.
2. Audit classes, to gain personal insight on if they are the right fit for your program. 
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