Ivy Plus Conference at Stanford University
Written by May-Ling Gonzales   
Tuesday, 24 April 2007
You can download a one-page abbreviated schedule here
Monday, June 25


10:00am- 2:00pm









































Fun Run around campus, optional (start at Sheraton)

Registration & Information (Alumni Center)

Walking tour of the Stanford campus, optional

Buffet lunch (Alumni Center)

Welcome by Howard Wolf, President, Stanford Alumni Association


Breakout sessions, functional areas (Alumni Center)

Business Partnerships - The changing environment of bank card affinity programs

Clubs/Regional Outreach and Programs - Best practices for volunteer management

Communications, Marketing and Research - Developing effective broad reaching communications


Online - Building a 2.0 website and dealing with consultants, vendors and internal development teams

Reunions/Classes - Best practices for reunions

Shared Interest Groups

Students/Young alumni - Creating successful student/alumni networking opportunities

Travel/Study - Developing itineraries in a volatile world

Volunteer Boards and Leadership


Segmenting Alumni by Behavior (Alumni Center)

Adam Miller, Senior Marketing Analyst, Stanford Alumni Association

We seek to reach, serve and engage all alumni, but recognize that important demographic and behavioral differences exist among our diverse population.  Sometimes, behavioral differences can actually be more actionable than demographic differences.  But how do you define meaningful behavioral segments?  How can you make the most of alumni data across your campus?  Enter the world of alumni behavioral segmentation and meet Stanford's own Relationship Model, a campus-wide effort now entering its third year that is changing the way we think about alumni programming and communications.


Breakout sessions by functional area (Alumni Center)

same as above

Cocktails, Open Galleries and Dinner (Rodin Sculpture Garden, Cantor Arts Center

Bar hopping, optional (The Old Pro, 541 Ramona Street) 

Tuesday, June 26

































Yoga, optional, no mats needed (Studio, Arrillaga Center for Sports and Recreation, across the street from the Alumni Center, showers available at the Alumni Center)
Continental Breakfast (Alumni Center)

Morning Keynote (Alumni Center)

Brendan Boyle, IDEO 


Scavenger Hunt and Lunch by functional area (Stanford campus)


Breakout sessions, cross-functional areas  (Wallenberg Hall, Building 160)

Listening to alumni

One University

Online education

Volunteer Management

Young alumni


Breakout sessions, cross-functional areas  (Wallenberg Hall, Building 160)

Alumni surveys

Graduate alumni

Multicultural/Alumni of color

Technology as a solution

University-driven outreach events 


Walking tour of the Stanford campus, optional (meet outside of Wallenberg Hall)


Casual Mexican Dinner (Alumni Center, Ford Gardens)

Bar hopping, optional (Blue Chalk Cafe , 630 Ramona Street) 

Wednesday, June 27











































Fun Run around campus, optional (starts at Sheraton, showers available at the Alumni Center)

Continental Breakfast (Alumni Center)


Morning Keynote (Alumni Center)

Jerry Yang, Co-founder and Chief of Yahoo! and member of Stanford University Board of Trustees 


Breakout sessions, cross-functional areas (Alumni Center)


International alumni

Faculty involvement


Online alumni community strategies


Lunch (Skybox, Stanford Stadium)


Made to Stick (Alumni Center)

Chip Heath, Professor of Organizational Behavior, Stanford and Author of "Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die"

 Many essential messages don't stick. We can learn a lot about making our own messages stay with people by looking at naturally sticky ideas: Urban legends often don't have advertising budgets or PR assistance; they survive and spread on their own. This presentation discusses six principles that can help us make our own messages stick with others in a way that changes how they think or act.


Under Fire:  Executive Directors Tell All (Alumni Center)

We all want the inside scoop on the issues that our Executive Directors are grappling with, and they are willing to take our questions.  How do single-issue alums get on the board of trustees?  What kind of career path is there for a gently-used director of clubs?  How do you measure success?  Are Alumni Associations becoming too corporate?  Bring your questions and they will give us answers.


Buses leave for Thomas Fogarty Winery 

Wine Tasting and Dinner (Thomas Fogarty Winery)

Shuttles return to hotels 

Shuttles return to hotels

Thursday, June 28



Ivy Plus Young Alumni reception (Mezzanine, San Francisco)

 $10 per person in advance, $15 at the door

Appetizers included; no-host bar.

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